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VoIP Provider

    We are built and operate as part of the nation's largest VoIP network, thus our platform creates a vastly superior customer interface. We improve service, add quality and control costs by removing a third party partner. Additionally, because you're not competing against standard internet traffic. Proactive’s VoIP solution has been developed so that you can comfort in the fact that your customers' calls and messages are delivered with the highest priority.

Proactive leverages its experiences to grow your organization, our nationwide backbone adapts to your network needs. Coupled with expanded IT expectations, digital transformation is an evolving component of today’s business reality that migrates into more opportunities. Inspire your enterprise’s IT evolution with an agile networking ecosystem that is built to adapt.


Each team member has been immersed within the technology field with no less than 15 years. The collective experience and education has been acquired through multiple avenues in the realms of hands on training and real world experience. This also transforms into more complexity, demands and decision makers.

Our Team is dedicated to helping you turn your concepts into realities. Whether you’re an owner or employee, we’ll take the time to learn about your business, offer advice, insight, and back it all up with premier support. Treatment is key to any successful journey together, WE KNOW YOU, not just the number you have been assigned, own your digital transformation with Proactive today.


As a Comcast Business Solutions Providers & Value Added Resellers (VARS), we provide a comprehensive line of fully integrated business services to expand your businesses while enhancing your bottom line. Business today can’t operate in a cloud environment without bandwidth and IT can't be deployed without connections to the Internet.

As Telecom Agents our Dedicated Partner Sales Managers, Sales Engineers and Account Managers help navigate the products / services / processes to continually add resources to service our partners including people and tools. Through our Comcast Business products and solutions we make onboarding easy, allowing you to concentrate on running your business and not IT confusion. 

Our company delivers solutions that help support that drive for business results !

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The "Petya" ransomware attack has so far hit over 12,000 machines in around 65 countries including the United States.

It infects a network and then encrypts files on computers making them unusable, and demands that people pay $300 in bitcoin to unclock them.


The WannaCry ransomware worldwide cyberattack by encrypting data and demanding ransom payments.

The attack began on Friday, 12 May 2017,[5] and within a day was reported to have infected more than 230,000 computers in over 150 countries.


How Ransomware Became a Billion-Dollar Nightmare for Businesses

One cybersecurity firm estimates that extortive attacks now cost small and medium companies at least $75 billion in expenses and lost productivity each year. Based on an estimate an hour of inactivity costs small companies an average of $8,581 per hour.

Industry Best STAFF !

Our team consists of a group of men and women with extensive experience in IT and Managed Services. We are comprised of Administrators, Managers, Engineers, Technicians, Marketers & Sales Professionals so that we can deliver world class full scope service to your businesses, when and where you need it.

IT Solutions are fluid in nature and are constantly evolving. We pride ourselves on continually adapting in order to bring our client's more than they have come to expect from other technology providers.  We set the bar for customer service and are known for being the first to offer the latest and greatest. Our goals can only be met through choosing the best platforms available today.

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